Xela in Satellite Communications


With years of proven success in safe, secure, and reliable systems, Xela® delivers software that solves critical business problems for satcom applications such as satellites, airplanes, homes and enterprises, and ground stations.

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We Create Awesome Technology

Cyber Security | Software Development | Mobile Applications

Xela stands out from its competitors by offering customizable, platform independent software solutions to both public and private sectors.

Our products cover a broad spectrum of usage, ranging from saving lives to increasing business productivity. In addition to our software products, we offer cyber security services.

Our staff consists of award-winning, certified experts who have been protecting classified and unclassified products for years. We are one of the few, if not the only, company offering these services under a single roof.

DEDICATION TO MISSION SUCCESS | Committed to the success of the customer’s mission and service to the nation

TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE | World-class experts tackling critical problems of national significance

  COMMITMENT TO OUR PEOPLE | Inspiring and empowering our people to innovate, collaborate, and make a difference

  INNOVATION | Shaping the future in a time of unprecedented change

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